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jayeson D(non-registered)
Thank You David Je heeft mij geleerdt wei Jehoavah is hetheeft een hele indrugt op mij gemaakt
Mary Carr Roberts(non-registered)
I'm glad James Warwick Jones convinced you to speak at the Charles Taylor Arts Center on April 17, 2016. As I can't attend, I am grateful for your website to learn a bit more about your work.
Amin Khalifa(non-registered)
Very impressed by your artwork, you have a real knack on capturing light.
I will be visiting Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne fir three weeks this October (and Omar) of course!
I've gotten into bird photography and am looking forward to taking photos of some of the exotic Australian species.
Roger Vickery(non-registered)
Great to meet you here in Brisbane Australia Dave. I checked out the web site (obviously!) and am really impressed with your talent and work: you appear to have a special talent with sand and water.
All the best RV
Jim Lovell(non-registered)
Congrats Dave - looks great - trying to decide where to hang your painting in our new home.... Website looks great - ours will be up by 31 Aug - opening day....
Duchess Sicay(non-registered)
Congratulations Dave! It is so nice to see someone who loves what they do as much as you. Your hard work definitely shows in your art work. So enjoyed viewing the gallery! Have a great trip to Australia.
Darcie Palmier(non-registered)
I love the slideshow format, very slick and from all of the stunning pieces , I can see why you love Australia so much as well as the Southwest of course.
Mike Cochrane(non-registered)
Dave - Nice website! I enjoy looking at your work, and am glad you are doing what you love. Hope our paths cross again someday.
Ann Barteau(non-registered)
The pictures are wonderful! Best wishes for your continued success.
Art Shaw(non-registered)
Very very nice Super-Dave!
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