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Created 15-Jul-13
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I have enjoyed working in a wide range of media. This gallery contains a sample of other watercolor subject material, as well as other media types such as acrylic, oils, and sculpture. Items for sale are indicated.
Convention Center Peaks, HamptonVirginia Air & Space Museum Arches, HamptonTwo Bridges, Two Hearts, One LoveHRBT, DuskAncient Stump, Grandview BeachSpurrier Springs, FloridaWaiting, San Souci GardensLong Melford Graveyard, UKYellow Ceramic Cat (London)Still Life with Terragni Teapot, Baech's (Denmark)Still Life, Brass Bowl and Clogs at Baech's (Denmark)Pink Roses at Baech's (Denmark)Tulip ChaosWine AnniversaryWoodpile at Skanderborg (Denmark)Woodpile in Snow, 10 Vine StreetWoodpile in Castillo San Marcos, St. Augustine FLMarin Hills From Mt. TamalpaisModjeska Canyon Wildflowers, Tustin CAWhite Iris

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