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Created 15-Jul-13
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I spent part of my childhood living in the Netherlands Antilles, on the island of Aruba. My art has been inspired by this time and many subsequent visits to Aruba and other Caribbean islands. I hope you enjoy my recent paintings, many of which were in my first solo show in Las Cruces, "Antilles Color," in 2012. I have also included some popular earlier works, which may be available for purchase as giclee prints.
Savonet Steps, CuracaoWhale Vertebra, SavonetLandhuis San Juan - 1812 Gable  (Curacao)South Face Steps (Landhuis Gr. St. Martha, Curacao)Milkweed in Westpunt Cemetery, CuracaoBlue Cross, Westpunt Cemetery, CuracaoOff-Season Storm, Sunset Waters, CuracaoPalm, CuracaoKorsow No2 (Playa Grandi, Curacao)Playa Kenepe Chiki - Pair (Curacao)Beyond the LagoonBoca Daimari, ArubaPet Cemetery Beach, Seroe Colorado, ArubaMangos and Banana

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