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Created 16-Jul-13
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In 8th Grade, my art teacher included one of my paintings, "Ainu Man" in the high school art competition. It received the "First Prize" that year. 40 years would pass before I entered another juried show, the National Watercolor Society's annual international competition. To my great surprise, not only was my painting accepted, but I was also honored with induction as a Signature Member in the Society. Hence, the "NWS" initials on some of my watercolors. Now my photography is also being recognized in competitions and exhibitions.

This gallery highlights some of these memorable events in my career -- my adventurous time in the Australian Outback as a young man, solo shows, a sampler of exhibitions, and other key events that have marked my development and recognition as an artist. Formal or not, they have all been wonderful moments.
Las Cruces MagazineLas Cruces Magazine feature"The Ink" cover imageBorder Artists "Blue Skies" exhibition"Beautiful Barbarism" solo exhibitionThe Bulletin article on "Beautiful Barbarism" show"Beautiful Barbarism" solo exhibition (continuation)"Sticky" exhibition, Uncomfortable Print ExchangeLCMA Gila Monster Landscape"Dawn of Discovery" exhibition, Las Cruces Space Festival"The Art of Quarantine" exhibition, NM Cancer Center"J. Paul Taylor" Tribute, Governor's Gallery"Dawn of Discovery" pop-up exhibition"Erotica Twenty Twenty" exhibition"The Border Artists Winter Show" at DAAC"The Border Artists" exhibition at Rio Bravo Fine Arts"Erotica Twenty Nineteen" exhibitionQPopUp Gallery Artist-in-Residence in AustraliaCamden Haven Courier article

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