David D. Sorensen | Australian Paintings
Created 15-Jul-13
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Australian landscapes have been a core element of my portfolio since 1975, when I toured the Outback for a year in a VW bus, sketchbook in hand. My gallery of images includes work from this earlier era through current works for sale.
Lagoon Erosion Near Yellow Patch, Moreton IslandEnd of the Beach, MoretonGosford DawnTwisted GumPink Gum SurviorElliott Heads FlatsLagoon and Dune, Moreton Is.Low Tide, North PointView From Yellow Patch (Moreton Island)Crowdy Head Lighthouse, NSWDriftwood, Moreton IslandLava Remnants, Moreton IslandCleansing TideAn Intimate Sunset, Yellow PatchNorth Point and Yellow Patch Dune, Moreton IslandWindswept Cove, EsperanceBoulders, Honeymoon Bay & North PointIndian Head Boulders, Dawn - Moreton IslandRocky Cove Below Moreton LightMoreton Light Cliffs

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