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Created 13-Nov-17
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When inspiration has struck me, I have created a limited number of boxed sets of my more artistic photo-cards, as gifts. These are in collections in Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia, England, and the USA, and commemorate travel, places, events, and people's homes.
"art rocks!" on display, CHTAC"art rocks!" Photo-card boxed set"art rocks!" (2011)"The Sorensen Collection" exhibition, CHTAC"Hard Work & A Prayer" (2001)"Hard Work & A Prayer" (2001)"N. Stradbroke & Moreton at 50" (2005)"Stars and Bars: A Yank's Look at Paddington" (2005)"By the Dawn's Early Light" (2007)"Zaltbommel: Hoorn Country" (2007)"Zaltbommel: Hoorn Country" (2007)"A Whole Slot-A Love" (2008)"An Unforgettable Trip" (2008)"Moreton, Naturally" (2009)"21 Birthday Candles, Blown Out by Chihuli" (2009)"Morass Glass" (2009)"His Collection" and "His House" (2014)"Close to Home" and "Within a Day's Ride" (2015)

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