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Created 4-Feb-22
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Ultimately the images in the exhibition are all art, meant to please and provoke thought about the state of the State we live in. I hope my photography encourages the viewer to think about what we do to our environment in New Mexico. Please ponder this other side to our “culture”, and come to your own conclusions. I’ve also tried to show that there can be beauty in almost anything, depending on how you see it, not just our majestic landscapes. I was fortunate to be born with an artistic eye. There can be a beauty and aesthetic to even the grubbiest of things, depending on the light and framing. New Mexico is what it is and I love living here.
The main gallery at Art Obscura.Welcome to a tour of my show, "Beautiful Barbarism"Main wall of the galleryScrewed by the DevelopersEyeballWildlife WastelandTurquoise Trailer TrashRanch House RuinLeft wall of the main gallery"Barbarism" segmentThe OutcastGalisteo Witch DoctorThe Passing of the PumaSounds of SilenceFaulkner Canyon ScatterbrainNot CoolFood Truck ShootoutF*** It All!Graveyard

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